Category: White-Collar Crime

  • Bush’s legacy: The Cheney Administration

    I think it’s clear now with the conviction of “Cheney’s Cheney” aka Scooter Libby that the Vice President’s Wizard-of-Oz-like pulling of levers behind curtains is the mind behind the Oval Office, and that fat balding head floating over us all is saying, “We have to make America the best place in the world to do […]

  • P.S. to F.Y.T. PG&E

    “The new team” now running Enron, according to spokesman Harlan Loeb, believes a proposed settlement with federal regulators that would prevent disclosure of evidence that reveal how Enron gamed the energy trading markets during the California energy crisis, is “the best deal for creditors.” The audiotapes, email, and other documents detail how Enron’s energy traders […]

  • watching the detectives

    Tony Soprano shoulda thought of it: hiring a couple of NYPD detectives as mob assassins. But it was “Tony” Casso who thought of it first. In today’s installment of an entertaining and wryly horrific series, Alan Feuer at the NYT brings us the courtroom finale to the trial of Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, found […]

  • I Knew that Enron M.O. Smelled Familiar

    According to the Chicago Tribune, “Executives at the former highflying Internet consultancy MarchFirst Inc. orchestrated a campaign of questionable transactions and spending to foster an ‘unfounded illusion of success,’ according to a bankruptcy court filing Tuesday.” Also, “According to one charge, the company engaged in a financial practice known as ’roundtripping,’ where MarchFirst invested in […]