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  • Blog journal artifact 2000

    After starting a flatfile online journal in 1997, dabbling with pitas as a collaborative writing space with syrup, and writing a short-lived sequel to breathing room at diaryland, s finally twigged me to blogger, and shallows (aka, shallow breathing) was my first abortive attempt at using this new kind of weblog-posting tool. Definitely a false […]

  • the midwestern lull

    just checked all my mail a few times and the pipeline is really clear. it’s 10:48 east coast time, so the normal left coasters are not up yet and the midwest is not keeping up it’s time-share of the morning email traffic on planet earth, privileged north american division.

  • joyful, joyful

    possibilities, freedom fecundity fall is my spring not meeting expectations meeting needs     feeling friction freely but letting it slide no control responsibilly limits unavoidable, a blessing

  • Uncle John's blog

    Sheesh, it’s been a long time since i posted here. Proportion of too busy versus laying low I’m not sure exactly. Had I think my first bonding experience with an old white guy today, in the Servy’s coffee joint in the Spreckel Galleria next door. We both agreed that the labels on the half ‘n’ […]

  • need something more like a

    need something more like a ‘klog (bac)klog, that is…

  • i grow old, i… (part one)

    talking to a colleague the other day, i casually mentioned the wimp-rock band America from the early-mid-late-early-mid-’70s and got a blank stare. She pretended to recognize “Horse with No Name” but man did I feel old. She asked me, guardedly, “How old are you… if you don’t mind me asking?” 35, I told her, going […]