I sneaked into the field before they put up all the signs (UXPin interview)

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A little bit over a year ago the lovely folks at UXPin interviewed me for their embarrassingly named “A Gaze at the Stars” interview series. I’ve been meaning to mention it here ever since:

1. How did you get started in the User Experience Design field? And what would be your advice to newcomers to the field?

I sneaked into the field before they put up all the signs.

I came from publishing, having worked as an editor, author, agent, packager, and publisher. When the web came along, I at first viewed it simply as a great new form of publishing. Because I worked on tech books, I had already formed some opinions about how to improve user interfaces but until I hit the web I lacked any formal process or techniques or avenues for becoming involved in the making of software.

The web democratized all that and gave me a chance to teach myself what we now call information architecture and to build interfaces out of HTML (and later CSS and scripting languages, etc.).

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Sketchnotes 2011

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Recently, my colleague Jerome Domurat showed me this bound collection of Eva-Lotta Lamm’s sketchnotes and I was pleased to be reminded of the beautiful one-pager she did of my “Playful Design” talk from UX Lisbon:

We are all Leonardo now (live) (recorded)

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Video of my keynote presentation at this year’s Italian Information Architecture Summit in Milan is available on the event’s website (Video | Summit Italiano di Architettura dell’Informazione).

As it’s hosted on Vimeo, I’ll also embed it right here:

(V° Summit Architettura dell’Informazione – 1 from Italian IA Summit on Vimeo.)

I previously posted the slides from this talk under the heading My keynote from the Italian IA Summit.

Johnny Holland picks up on my call for tuneable experiences

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Renowned interaction design zine Johnny Holland reported on my keynote at UX Lisbon, writing, in UX LX: Day Three

Moving on to playing in the musical design — he believes we can turn our users into maestros, as an expert Illustrator user is much like a musician! — Crumlish provided a range of analogies (frameworks set up the rules, you need a bit of chaos for creativity, as in jazz). However, for me, his utterly inspired point was that of creating tunable experiences: “You don’t need to create a perfect experience, but instead one that’s tunable.”