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digestifI lay awake a while back having returned recently from Paris by way of Dublin pondering why we sleep, a question I thought long ago routed by the much deeper why do we wake at all, when it came to me from that other brain: we sleep to digest.

This website apparatus also benefits from having content pushed through it from one end (the text box I’m typing in right now) to the other – the screen or notification or implant by which you are reading this now.

I’ve moved the blog-powered stuff to a dedicated hosting service (wpengine) and am hoping this tames some of the memory issues I’ve seen over the past few years. The monitor at the old location (rackspace) is still alarming me, but I don’t know if it is telling me the new site (this one) is having the same problems the old one was having and tripping the alarm by appearing at the same URL, or if it is telling me that thieves are once again burgling my basement.

Greasing the wheels

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Didn’t add anything to this blog for the past few days. Didn’t even see the great suggestion from Christina about a daily September #writeprompt google group called 500 Words a Day, which I just signed up for.

(Up for which I just signed?)

So, I thought, how do I help keep this a daily habit?

The emawrite-onil prompt is a good ‘un, but a little bit of behavior-affecting interface design is called for here, and so I added a bookmark that points to this posting window (“this window” in the sense that I see it in front of me as I write this, not that you can see it or should really know what I’m talking about except just in general) to the bookmarks bar of my preferred browser, just to make it that much easier to write every day.