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  • Another vote for XHTML wireframes

    At the Blue Flavor blog, Nick Finck casts another vote for making XHTML wireframes. I have to admit I find this idea appealing. Granted (and he grants this himself), it may not be the right approach for every client, but the prospect of creating blueprints and schematics that don’t get thrown away after they’re approved […]

  • On Nudity and CSS

    Today (April 05, 2006) has officially been earmarked as CSS Naked Day. The aim of this project is to promote web standards by showing the world what each site looks like sans markup. Those who sign up for the project agree to remove all CSS styling from their website for that day. The result is […]

  • How to Print Selective Sections of a Web Page using CSS and DOM Scripting

    Shimone just sent this guide to printing sections of a web page around to our developers’ list with the comment, “You know this is going to come up.”

  • Notes on "Web Standards and SEO: Searching for Common Ground, Part 2" panel at South by Southwest (day 3)

    Panelists Aaron Gustafson: Sr Web Designer/Dev, Easy! Designs LLC Ed Shull: CEO, USWeb (Web marketing) Eric Meyer: Complex Spiral Consulting, Standards Nazi Andy Hagans: works in SEO, blogs at white hat vs. black hat SEO Shull: cloaking (visible only to search engine) linkspamming comment spamming hiding tables in javascript to make the content show […]

  • Ajax

    For today’s daily Ajax news I recommend Scot Hacker’s notes from a panel I wasn’t able to attend yesterday. tags: sxsw2006, sxsw

  • Oracle UI guidelines

    A discussion on a BayCHI mailing list led an Oracle UI engineer to post a link to these user interface guidelines. They present a fascinating look at a meticulously documented set of user-interface standards. The documentation specifies overarching standards, page elements, page-type templates, and numerous process flows. The description of partial page rendering provides a […]