Category: Web Services

  • This thing on?

    If I did this right, then my blog is now on the Fediverse at — do the double at signs bother any else? @@

  • What can I say about OpenSocial?

    The blog world, along with my slice of the twitter world, is abuzz with attempts to understand, analyze, deconstruct, laud, and excoriate Google’s new OpenSocial initiative.

  • Answering danah's twitter questions

    In reply to apophenia: Twitter questions (curiosity is killing me…): > **First, the practical question. Can i quote you?** >[ ] Yes, and you *must* use my real name. >[ ] Yes, but please use a pseudonym and don’t use any identifying information. >[ ] No, please just use this for your own weird thoughts.…

  • Yet another friend metaphor (for twitter)

    So I just wasted, er, spent a half hour surfing twitter pages and poaching friends of friends. I noticed that I had a strong gut sense of who I felt it was ok to befriend, most of the time, but that it doesn’t necessarily map to people who are actually my friends or whom I’ve…

  • Getting hip to the yubnub hub bub

    My pal Ted Nadeau just hipped me to yubnub, which bills itself as a social command line for the web. It looks like an extremely powerful meta-syntax for accessing searches and other web services via unix-y looking shorthands, regular expressions, and mini-scripts. It also seems to have a very active community rapidly extending its capabilities.…

  • Speeding up the mobile web

    Mostly a note to myself: When I get a moment free I’m going to follow these instructions from OpenDNS: Instructions for faster DNS on your mobile. Seems at least worth a try.