U of Oregon – Effortless Assessment of Risk States (EARS)

EARS (Effortless Assessment of Risk States) is a research tool developed by the University of Oregon’s Center for Digital Mental Health. EARS is intended to be used by individuals who have already consented to participate in one of our ongoing research studies.

Presented at the the Obama White House as part of The Opportunity Project
EARS was selected as part of The Opportunity Project, an initiative focused on using open data to improve the lives of American citizens.

We collaborated with Nicholas Allen, Gordon Wick, and others from the University of Oregon to complete the development of the EARS app and get in published in the Play store, and later the App store.

I directed a UX audit by Kiell Kosberg that generated a set of recommendations to support the adoption of the app and address the user experience concerns associated with trust, safety, risk, and other trade-offs.

Ryan Co made the final designs from this direction.