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  • Why is Dante's poem called the Divine "Comedy"?

    I got this question from Aardvark and gave a speculative answer i’m not sure, but it may go back to the greek definitions of comedy and tragedy, which are different from ours today. for the greeks, a comedy is a drama with a happy ending and a tragedy is a drama with an unhappy ending.…

  • gee and i've only met barlow once

    gee and i’ve only met barlow once Originally uploaded by xian was JP Barlow idly doing the comparisons today, or is this more like secret-admirer spam?

  • Get Your War On says time for us to come together

    to kill all the bankers and steal their money:

  • Today ze show, tomorrow ze world!

    Unsurprisingly, Ze Frank is going all Hollywood in the near future. Last year at SXSW (at least I think it was last year, and not 2005), I ended up going out to dinner with my Austin guru, some folks from WorldChanging, and I think David Pescovitz or maybe I just chatted with him at some…

  • It worked!

    The spleen is back! Okay, ass monkeys.: The real Jeff Green is back. Do not read the previous posts by the Jeff Green pretenders who have been blogging here….

  • Laugh at me

    When you laugh at me, I learn where my blind spots are. Things I am trying to do suddenly seem ridiculous. It’s not that I winced or spoke sharply when you noticed me misspeaking. It’s not that I misspoke. It’s that I obviously can’t stand making mistakes and I try so hard to elude criticism…