Why is Dante's poem called the Divine "Comedy"?

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I got this question from Aardvark and gave a speculative answer

i’m not sure, but it may go back to the greek definitions of comedy and tragedy, which are different from ours today. for the greeks, a comedy is a drama with a happy ending and a tragedy is a drama with an unhappy ending. either can have laughs in the them. there’s more to it that i forget (tragedy involves a hero succumbing to hubris – that is, getting arrogant – and having a downfall, comedy probably had “plot rules” too), but the point is that those terms have changed. …. I think Shakespeare comedies may be the same thing: stories with happy endings and not necessarily the funny ones.

but what’s the real answer?

Today ze show, tomorrow ze world!

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Unsurprisingly, Ze Frank is going all Hollywood in the near future.
Last year at SXSW (at least I think it was last year, and not 2005), I ended up going out to dinner with my Austin guru, some folks from WorldChanging, and I think David Pescovitz or maybe I just chatted with him at some party later on, and a very tall witty guy who I felt like I should know but didn’t, who was talking about the work he was doing mainly giving talks on creativity.
It was much later (that night) that I realized this was Ze Frank, the Ze Frank. Probably because he is so much taller than I, the angle on his face was different from his usual bug-eyed unblinking full frontal in his videos and more recently on The Show.
I’m kind of glad I didn’t recognize him and go all fanboy. Instead I probably acted aloof, and that’s cool, right? After all, did he really want another person saying, “Hey, I got your How to Dance animated gif forwarded to me back in the day. I’ve been a big fan for yea long!”
Meanwhile, he is a creative force of nature who should make me feel envious and insecure but who instead inspires me not to get hooked on brain crack and I’m not surprised he is about to cross over to the mainstream and I’m sure he’ll knock him dead in Hollywood town.

It worked!

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The spleen is back!
Okay, ass monkeys.:

The real Jeff Green is back. Do not read the previous posts by the Jeff Green pretenders who have been blogging here….

Laugh at me

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When you laugh at me, I learn where my blind spots are. Things I am trying to do suddenly seem ridiculous.
It’s not that I winced or spoke sharply when you noticed me misspeaking.
It’s not that I misspoke.
It’s that I obviously can’t stand making mistakes and I try so hard to elude criticism that my mistakes are inevitably funny to the people around me who have to put up with my almost obsessively erudite use of language in ordinary discourse.
Then again, I’ve been putting the books into the air and writing the talk down on paper for a while and it looks like it’s finally time to switch that back up.