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  • Start using UX as a weapon (at the Web 2.0 Expo in SF)

    Erin and I delivered our first-ever Web 2 Expo keynote (I called us “The Sonny and Cher of UX”) in San Francisco toward the end of last month: Here are the slides we showed to accompany our banter: Start Using UX as a Strategic Weapon View more presentations from erin malone

  • A full schedule at WebVisions

    Arrived in Portland yesterday and did some prep for one of my gigs at WebVisions, the Ukepalooza set I’m playing with Bill DeRouchey as the duo “Cheeses & Tequila.” This morning Erin and I are teaching our Designing Social Interfaces workshop. Tomorrow is Ukepalooza, and then immediately afterward I’ll be doing my aptly named Designing […]

  • Social design preso from Beyond Findability workshop presented by the IA Institute at the IA Summit

    Erin posted the latest version of our “5/5/5” talk, as given in Phoenix last week, to Slideshare: Designing Social Interfaces (presentation and gameplay), part of the IA Institute’s “Beyond Findability” workshop at IA Summit 2010 Also, Erin has also posted a blog entry on our poster shown at the Summit, on our evolving efforts to […]

  • The book has arrived!

    the book has arrived! Originally uploaded by erin_designr We started our book proposal around June of ’08…