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donald duck running away from home

After reactivating the Mastodon account I provisioned in 2019 over at mstdn.social, I started noticing that that instance, well managed and moderated as it is, is a larger one, getting bigger all the time, and it was starting to throw errors.

They say to build the fediverse out and not up, so I started exploring smaller instances that seemed in line with my values and interests. Quickly, I found (and joined) three really nice servers: indieweb.local, tilde.zone, and xoxo.zone. There are tens of thousands of users on indieweb, a couple of thousand on tilde, and just several hundred on xoxo!

I wanted to test migration, so I made the least dramatic leap and migrated from mstdn to indieweb, where I am now based for at least the next thirty days (I’m xian there, and not mediajunkie for once). After that I may consider stepping down to a smaller instance yet.

Oh, and if I don’t see you before next week, have a great holiday!

Whoa, we’re halfway there

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Whoa, livin’ on a prayer…

OK, so I was able to find @xian@mediajunkie.com in a fediverse lookup, which was pretty cool. There was a sort of bio listing in Mastodon. From there I was able to follow my own blog (yay), and I could click through as well, but that brings us to the design-neglected user page instead of the main blog listing, so now I’m trying to figure out how to change this blog’s activitypub url as shown under Fediverse in my profile.