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  • I kind of wanna, wanna drown…

  • A corridor of flickering light

    The Illuminated Corridor meets the Internet Archive. What does that even mean? To find out, I went to the source, Oakland artist, musician, and impresario Suki O’Kane: wake up!: What is the Illuminated Corridor? Suki O’Kane: The Illuminated Corridor is a next step in outdoor cinema: a nomadic public art installation that creates site-specific illumination […]

  • Today ze show, tomorrow ze world!

    Unsurprisingly, Ze Frank is going all Hollywood in the near future. Last year at SXSW (at least I think it was last year, and not 2005), I ended up going out to dinner with my Austin guru, some folks from WorldChanging, and I think David Pescovitz or maybe I just chatted with him at some […]

  • Serenity… well, not now, but maybe later

    According to Empire: Movie News, the Serenity movie didn’t do well enough in its theatrical release to justify sequels, but Joss Whedon is still sanguine that he will be able to continue the story, perhaps on TV again, possibly in the miniseries format.

  • Netflix me baby

    Gradually, b and I are entering the 21st century. We just got a DVD player (but not a TiVo or other PVR yet, and we still don’t have cable or satellite – how to choose by the way?). So of course I just signed us up for a free NetFlix trial. Our queue should now […]

  • The devil plays harp

    I handn’t bought the Greendale record or heard any of it yet, nor seen the live stage show, but I did just see the movie this evening with Scot and some of his cool friends. Everyone noticed how literally the images tracked the lyrics – and the lipsyncing was better than Britney’s. I could easily […]