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digestifI lay awake a while back having returned recently from Paris by way of Dublin pondering why we sleep, a question I thought long ago routed by the much deeper why do we wake at all, when it came to me from that other brain: we sleep to digest.

This website apparatus also benefits from having content pushed through it from one end (the text box I’m typing in right now) to the other – the screen or notification or implant by which you are reading this now.

I’ve moved the blog-powered stuff to a dedicated hosting service (wpengine) and am hoping this tames some of the memory issues I’ve seen over the past few years. The monitor at the old location (rackspace) is still alarming me, but I don’t know if it is telling me the new site (this one) is having the same problems the old one was having and tripping the alarm by appearing at the same URL, or if it is telling me that thieves are once again burgling my basement.

…and we’re back again

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As I brushed off the old ‘bblog a month or so back, I decided to go ahead and update to latest version of WordSquisher, the software I use to run this site these days.

I conveniently forgot that some of my plugins were obsolete and are starting to misbehave or had big labels on them saying things like “do not upgrade because new version breaks the site” or similar, and went ahead and blindly updated the site, immediately breaking it.

The random recent tweets in the top of the page disappeared. The whole “featured thingy” area on the home page (still flogging Desiging Social Interfaces) vanished. Even the cool painting of me done by the designers at the (now defunct) Arkik Studio on Lisbon went away. Not cool!

So, in my lazyweb way I put out a request on the tweeters for someone to help diagnose and fix my site. The lovely, the talented Aaron Silvers recommended fellow Up to All of Us alum Brian Dusablon who was unfortunately too successful and busy to lend a hand directly but whom referred me to the crackerjack team at SpectrOMtech, where David, David, and Jennifer just finished fixing things up around here for me.

I have a few incremental improvements in mind but for now I’m happy to have this design back to functioning the way it was intended.

How does it look?

UPDATE: Hmm, looks like the header on blog archive pages ain’t quite right!

UPDATED UPDATE: There we go. Looking good!

Not my longest blogging drought yet

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So it’s been well over a year since I wrote a new blog post here. Of course I continue emitting content elsewhere, on the twitters and most recently youtube, and so on. And, of course I have a big backlog of stuff, such as relevant reviews of rainbow riches slots that can be played online. Of course, I’d really like to write about and comment on more fully. And books I’ve been in that I haven’t listed here yet. And podcasts of panels I gave at famous conferences. And the last WordPress update broke my custom design and hid the promo for social interfaces book (which we’re getting ready to update). And I really want to rebuild this stuff from scratch (again?) along the lines of Indie Web principles. And yet, and yet…

All of those just become yet another reason not to write. So how about this? Maybe I can go back to trying to write a little something every day. Old school, livejournal style if need be (or I could even go the full Dave Winer route, since his model is clearly more durable than the old “mini-article” blog style that was fashionable in the oughties. But I do want all my stuff in one place, and I don’t want to rely entirely on external services, and I want to be able to organize and present my stuff.

Plus I need to write more. I have been keeping a nearly daily journal in a private system since Jan 1 and I wonder if I could do something similar here, but more suitable for public consumption.

I know I want to write more. I have an unrevised novel, an unfinished memoir, vague plans for a play, and lots to say about the world as it is and what’s wrong with that, dammit?