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  • Summit interview with Kent State’s Tom Froehlich

    When I was in Phoenix for the IA Summit this year, I had the privilege of sitting down with Tom Froehlich of Kent State University’s information department (with Valerie Kelly behind the camera) for a chat about IA, design patterns, social design, and more: They also spoke with Donna Spencer, Andrea Resmini, Andrew Hinton, Luke […]

  • Designing for Play slides from WebVisions 2010

    Wow, WebVisions was amazing, as was Portland, and the hospitality of my friends there and the organizers of the conference. Thanks to everyone who made it possible! (I mean, Ukepalooza – say no more.) Here are the slides from my talk, Designing for Play:

  • Social design preso from Beyond Findability workshop presented by the IA Institute at the IA Summit

    Erin posted the latest version of our “5/5/5” talk, as given in Phoenix last week, to Slideshare: Designing Social Interfaces (presentation and gameplay), part of the IA Institute’s “Beyond Findability” workshop at IA Summit 2010 Also, Erin has also posted a blog entry on our poster shown at the Summit, on our evolving efforts to […]

  • Talking patterns, openness, and community with the Tummelvision crew

    Oh, cool! Heather posted the Tummelvision episode I appeared on a couple of weeks ago.

  • Designing for play at Ignite Bay Area

    Just got sent a link to all the videos from Ignite Bay Area last month. Here’s my “Designing for Play” talk, a topic I’ll be exploring in greater depth at Web Visions, the Web 2.0 Expo, and Web Directions @media later this year: There’ll be another Ignite in May coinciding with the Web 2.0 Expo, […]

  • Tags as collecting behavior

    When I first started curating the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library, I put “tags” near the top of my list of user interaction patterns to investigate. By that time, Yahoo! had already acquired several pioneers in the tagging realm, Flickr and Delicious, and there were some subtle distinctions in how they implemented the experience. We got […]