The perfect pink margarita

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*as promised via twitter:*
Serves 6:
7 limes
1 blood orange
4 mandarin oranges (medium sized)
1 pink grapefruit
8 fl.oz. Patron reposado
6 fl.oz. Cointreau (or Patron Citronge or any decent triple sec)
rock salt
table salt
3 ice trays of cubes
1. Put six cocktail glasses in the freezer to chill.
2. Reserve one of the limes.
3. Juice the rest of the citrus, mix, stir (you need about 9-10 oz. of juice. If significantly more or less, adjust the tequila and liqueur proportionately).
4. Add the tequila and liqueur, stir, put in refrigerator to chill/stay cool.
5. Crush the ice cubes.
6. Pile the rock salt near the edge of a circular plate.
7. Put the table salt on top of the rock salt.
8. Slide the one lime into at least seven wedges, notch the wedges with a knife.
9. Remove the glasses from the freezer.
10. Wet the rim of each glass with one of the lime wedges.
11. Turn a glass upside down and swipe its rim through the salt pile, repeating for each glass.
12. Put a large mound of crushed ice in each glass.
13. Pour the margarita mixture over the ice.
14. Garnish each rim with a lime wedge and serve.

You call it ahi

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You call it ahi tuna, rubbed with olive oil and peanut oil and stone ground mustard, seared over mesquite coals for two minutes a side.
I call it dinner.