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  • Which world leader are you?

    What Famous Leader Are You? Bonus: Which rock band is your presidential candidate?

  • Vote for me this Sunday!

    From: “California Democratic Party” Dear Christian Crumlish, Thank you for applying to be a Male district-level delegate in Congressional District 9 for Howard Dean. This email is to inform you that we have received and processed your form. Your name has been forwarded to the Howard Dean Campaign for their caucus in Congressional District 9 […]

  • Hooray, hang out the flags

    Here comes President Kill again, surrounded by all of his killing men. Telling us who, why, where and when, President Kill wants killing again. Hooray, ring out the bells, King Conscience is dead. Hooray, now back in your cells, we’ve President Kill instead. Here comes President Kill again. Broadcasting from his killing den. Dressed in […]

  • How to look presidential

    Stand in front of a bunch of American flags. now playing: “Lo And Behold!” by Bob Dylan & The Band [The Basement Tapes (Disc 1)]

  • Signs of the Apocalypse

    So the A’s are eliminated and we’re getting a new governor. (If Orren Hatch has his way Schwarzenegger can be president too. After that I guess the machines take over.) It’s looking more and more possible that there will be a Red Sox / Cubs world series, in which case Hell will probably freeze over […]

  • Schwarzenegger is scary

    Last night I saw Arnold’s “Indian Gaming” ad and when he said, “I promise you, things will change” I suddenly realized that we are in fact a phantasm in the mind of Philip K. Dick, still transfixed by a sourceless beam of pink light, turning Hollywood into reality, one politician at a time. On the […]