Enterprise Experience 2019

Jun 03

I’ll be part of an interactive panel discussion hosted by Kevin Hoffman, Enterprise Team Journey:

You’re part of a cross-functional team dedicated to creating an amazing product experience. You play a vital role in the life of that team, contributing research, content, strategy, interface design, interaction design, product management, or marketing. You’re an essential piece of a larger puzzle. But how does your piece mesh with all the others? There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being wedged into a way of working together that doesn’t support your priorities, align with your values, or avoid creating swirl….

The discussion and activities will illustrate a few best (and probably a few worst) practices. You’ll walk away with a new found understanding for your colleagues and a new sense of ways to make the fit between your different roles clearer and more effective.

Past speaking engagements

From Information Architect to Head of Product: A Journey through Multiple Gateways (The IA Conference, Orlando)

In this talk I will share how the skills I learned as an IA have helped me on this career journey and through this series of gates in search of meaning. [+]

Christian will be teaching a workshop at the IA Conference in Orlando for product-curious information architects and UX practitioners. [+]

Christian is hosting Jim Kalbach, who will speak and present on design and jazz improvisation. Stay tuned for news of possible live music as part of the program…

Christian will be chairing a panel at the conference called “‘When Your Dreams Come True’:
History, Memoirs, and the Literary Grateful Dead.” [+]

Christian will be participating in Up To All of Us, a summit of thinkers, makers and doers from all over the world.