of all the things i could have been posting about the last few weeks if my life hadn’t been such a timesink (such as the rest of the new orleans chronicles, day by day; my trip to new york and getting comped into the phish show at radio city music hall by one of those friend-of-friend chains; my brother’s job in Central Park; and other things i can’t think of – by the way, anyone really interested in any of these things, particularly stuff i’ve already written like the new orleans journal entries, just send me email and i’ll send it to you personally, when i get a moment free), the last thing i’d like to be posting about is losing my fucking wallet!

it’s bad enough that i lost my cell phone a few weeks ago. the nice consultants i’m consulting with replaced it for me reasonably quickly. but is this how i react to stress? throwing off important material talismans? Is that why I kept smashing my watches till I took the hint and stopped wearing one (to the eternal consternation of B of whom I’m eternally asking the time, though she often isn’t wearing a watch and in fact lost her swatch in new orleans). point is, i just don’t have time for this crap. canceling credit cards, getting new parking pass, replacing driver’s license? fuck the money. that’s not the point. i care more about my BART card than the fungible cash. oh for the days when upstanding crooks took the green and dropped your wallet in the nearest mailbox. It’s a huge pain in the ass, especially when you consider that I’m going to Chicago on thursday for BEA and then a day or so after I get back I’m going to Boston to be trained on a monster content management system, getting back just in time (barely) for B’s b’day. Since i know she never reads this, I can tell you here if you keep a secret that I’m looking for one of those breakfast-in-bed trays. she deserves it.