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  • pointers to the future

    Historical administrivia: The Still Breathing weblog was continued at Shallow Breathing, and then at bodega, and currently X-POLLEN. Related musings can be found at Stealing Sheep and Radio Free Blogistan. This note won’t make much sense once this entry is imported into X-POLLEN….

  • mang!

    of all the things i could have been posting about the last few weeks if my life hadn’t been such a timesink (such as the rest of the new orleans chronicles, day by day; my trip to new york and getting comped into the phish show at radio city music hall by one of those […]

  • built for comfort

    Finally starting to unwind… it only took three or four days of extra sleep and fried seafood to do it. Here’s my take on the second day of the Fest: 4/29 Large frozen cafe au lait Beignets Frozen water Patina earrings for B with Germaine Bazzle’s scatting carrying over from the Jazz tent E) Indian […]

  • something you got

    Strange, my Mac says it’s 8:43, the clocks here in New Orleans say it’s 10:40, and this diaryland entry form says it’s 9:19:10? whassup widat? Report from Jazz Fest: 4/28 Drove to Fest with convertible top up. Large unsweetened rosemint tea Beignets Soft-shell crab po’boy B) Mrs. Wheat’s crawfish pie that turns out to be […]

  • kind of suits you

    sax drifting up through my loose wind-rattly window from down on the street. somehow brings me back to standing in harry kwan’s today, with loosely stitched together suitings pinned and flattened and tucked and readjusted. felt like i was going back in time. not that i have that many occasions to wear a suit, but […]

  • key in lock

    Key in lock, baby. Key in lock. Keystonery afoot. Cornerstonehengeosity. “A child could do it! A child could do it!” A little of this, a little of that. Snail trails have direction. Follow your nose. Body Language 201: Conversation. Stop trying to make sense when it falls off the log. “A delay makes its own […]