A Brief Break from all the Heavy News Stuff

The latest “thing” here at the Salon blogs seems to be interesting Google searches that led to your site.  My favourite for today?  “pay scales for CIA“.  It does make me wondering – in most industries, you can look at how employees in comperable positions in competing companies are paid to determine if you’re being paid “fairly”, but who would you compare a position at the CIA with? 

For those Googlesluts who are really wanting to rack up the hits, though, let me suggest using “Arnold Chrysler”, or “40,000 coat hangers”.  I posted this article back on October 30th, and Google searches for it have brought me more hits than all of the other search terms combined.  In fact, just this week, it’s brought me over 100 visitors.  (In case you missed it, it’s a story about a guy who stole 40,000 coat hangers from hotels, so that he could use them in these hotel-style wardrobes he sells to people who want to make their homes look and feel like a hotel room.  The Independent (UK) printed transcripts from Mr. Chrysler’s testimony during the trial, which is quite hilarious.)

BTW: For something really fun, check out the Raven as he goes Xtreme Blogging!