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  • Minus one weblogs

    Salon’s community weblog server has been flakey for a few weeks now Is anyone at Salon minding the store? Recently Changed Weblogs Recently Changed Weblogs No recently updated sites to list at this time. The high-water mark is 106 weblogs, on 1/21/2004; 7:21:38 PM. The low-water mark is -1 weblogs, on 4/14/2005; 12:11:04 AM.

  • a great six-foot-two hole in my world

    B watched the slideshow today with voiceover by William “Grimey” Grimes and found it sterile. I pointed her to Julie Powell’s much more personal rememberance at The Julie/Julia Project.

  • Curious about the Well?

    Let me take a cue from Bruce Umbaugh and extend this invitation to our readers here: Friends are invited to join The WELL: The WELL, one of the most cherished and original online social gathering places, has engaged, informed, enraged and transformed people from around the globe since 1985. On April 1 our community – […]

  • Slate diary based on Salon blog

    I noticed that Interns’ Diary (“Two medical interns examine their roles as healers while learning to be doctors”) was high on the Salon blog rankings charts last week with a huge traffic spike coming in the form of referrals from a Slate weeklong diary featuring Ingrid Katz and Alexi Wright, the two interns in question. […]

  • Migrating from Radio to iBlog

    Salon blogger Gnosis has migrated from Radio to iBlog and posted an entry explaining how to manage this migration while remaining part of the Salon blogs community: It took several days longer than I expected, but Gnosis is moved, and I’ve settled down to the sort of code tinkering that’s an ongoing process for me. […]

  • It's a small world 'o crap, after all

    My current favorite Salon blog is World o’ Crap. Basically, it’s hilarious. It goes after the righties in power without the usual liberal deference and nuance-balancing. Instead, the author offers a full-throated in-your-face style suitable for radio. Sign her up quick! Here’s what had me laughing just now: When she’s not busy being an action […]