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Salon Blog Quality Tour for You.    
–  Marcus O’Riley

hi, this is Marcus, I begin somewhat sheepishly. Seems I had a bit too much
of the devil’s Pepsi last night, and perhaps bad-mouthed some of the fine
writers of the Salon Community a wee bit. Ya’should’na’blame’me.
I was talking to Mister Hoback and he told me that I was a lucky man. He’s
been paying me for my column in Salon stock, ten shares a column, and he told
me shares had gone up near 50% for the week. I could not believe it! So I went
on line and checked the price. I could not believe it! “What do you take
me for,” I ask Mister Hoback, “a fool?” “Uh, yes,”
I believe he said. “Oh really,” I ask him, getting a bit red in the
face. “No,” says he, “O’Riley”, and we laughed and
laughed until I punched him right in the snoot. I should not have done that.
Now he’s got a civil case against me and I have to write for free. All
by way of explaining why I might have come across slightly negative last night.


That Sucks
After four days it shows all signs of being a weblog to watch, in spite of bad
mouthing the brilliant Welch God, Tom Jones.

, anyone? That’s
what I do for a living, so strike me blind if I read this one.

some good points about the quality of writing on the web. To quote: “
paar webloggers aan het lijstje favorieten toevoegen”

wrote a eulogy for the Liz Graytooth blog a couple a’nights ago, and it
was on a diskette that was accidentally demolished. Now I see that the
blog has fallen right off the charts. The curse of the Salon Blog Death
Watch, effective even if unpublished. Coming soon:
Adorable Roxie Morokco

I ask meself. Where’ve I heard of that before? And yet, there it is, snuggled
in at number 4 on today’s hit parade. whats.up, I ask meself, and I take
a peek. Aha. ‘
TiBooks hit 1GHz,
get a SuperDrive.’
With a lead like that, you’re
gonna score everytime.

was just wondering if I’ve given enough good plugs to
Room Only
Probably so.

then, Goodnight from Marcus, your guide to Salon Quality.

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