Aha! My problem with Trackback pinging solved

Movable Type releases version 2.51.

This is primarily a bug fix release. See the changelog if you have been experiencing a problem with 2.5 and to determine if it was fixed in 2.51.

Ben Trott tells me my problem with using a passphrase to ping a blog was due to a bug in 2.5, since fixed. (The syntax of passphrase-protected pings has changed as well.)

This release also adds two new features:

  • A Windows right-click menu item called “MT It!” allows you to use the bookmarklet from your right-click menu. If you’re running Windows, you can add this menu item through the “Set Up Bookmarklets” screen in Movable Type. Thanks to Anil Dash.
  • An <MTElse> tag that can be used globally to provide an “else” condition for any conditional tag. (more information) Thanks to Brad Choate.