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  • This thing on?

    If I did this right, then my blog is now on the Fediverse at — do the double at signs bother any else? @@

  • Digestif


    I lay awake a while back having returned recently from Paris by way of Dublin pondering why we sleep, a question I thought long ago routed by the much deeper why do we wake at all, when it came to me from that other brain: we sleep to digest. This website apparatus also benefits from […]

  • …and we’re back again

    …and we’re back again

    As I brushed off the old ‘bblog a month or so back, I decided to go ahead and update to latest version of WordSquisher, the software I use to run this site these days. I conveniently forgot that some of my plugins were obsolete and are starting to misbehave or had big labels on them […]

  • Get-rich-quick blog spam

    It’s been interesting to watch the evolutionary dance of spam and blogs. Comment spam. Trackback spam. Splogs. Now here’s a bit of email spam targetting the would-be pro blogger: >Hi, > >I don’t like to waste valuable time of creative blogmasters. >But I cann’t resist myself from this tempting offer too. Hello, you may know […]

  • How much to disclose?

    The whole idea of living your life partly on the web, partly in public brings to mind new subtleties to the boundary between public and private. There are all kinds of shades of gray, nuances between what’s utterly private and what we are comfortable sharing with everyone on the planet. Meanwhile, the available tools are […]

  • Extending blogging with structure

    Catching up with Marc Canter I see that he and his cohorts have unveiled Structured Blogging. Looks interesting. I’ll need to try out the plugin(s) to see if the data-entry overhead makes sense for me. Paul Kedrosky thinks I’m (well, all of us are) too lazy to make it work. He may be right. I […]