Andrew Bayer in the hizzouse

Let’s make a Salon Blogs community. I’d would like to invite all Salon bloggers into my … uh… Salon, here, this RFB channel called “salonika.”


This is another experiment, but based on the recent comment threads, it’s clear to me that no one is going to make a community for us. We have to do it ourselves. Duh. [Radio Free Blogistan]

For more details, go to RFB and check out xian’s directions. This is my first post on my salonblogs category, which gets posted here and (in theory) gets posted again over at RFB.

[Andrew Bayer]

Editor’s Note: On first try, my post of Andrew’s entry seems not to have upstreamed to my salonika category yet. As an experiment, I am going to cross-post it to the home page to see if that jogs it loose. I wonder if that’s the problem over on fireweaver too? Hmmm.

Editor’s Followup: One way or another it did come through. I’m going to remove it from the home page now, but it should stay up on salonika.

Changelog 2002.11.04: Fixed typo, fixed credit line to go to Andrew Bayer’s home page, wondered why the fuck exactly does he dream of China?