Another dirty blog

What do you call a garden blog written by two people, discussing their plans, decision, thoughts, reflections, illustrated with digital images of the two gardens or the plants in them, with links to other gardening resources and the few (very few) other easily-findable examples of literate garden writing online?
Briggs and Rich call it True Dirt. I’m biased. I’m a fan of both the writers. But I’m really enjoying it, even though the extent of my gardening is delimited by the boundaries of the hammock.
We’re still shaking down the design of the pages, but the site is now uncloaked, pinging, and, and listed on my blogroll at RFB. Next stop Eatonweb.
By the way: nobody commented or emailed with any garden blogs when I posted a query about it last week. Rich did some searching at Google and Eatonweb and mostly found “no rain today” type stuff, and one interesting blog about bug-eating carnivorous plants. (He didn’t send me the link, but I’ll add it if I stumble upon it.)