another straw for the camel's back

in my haste to get through security yesterday i stuck my powerbook in the outside pocket of the baggage i was checking onto southwest. danielle asked me if that wasn’t risking damage to the computer but i’d transported it that way before and didn’t worry about it.
sure enough, the screen was somehow cracked and now there are these ugly large black splotches where nothing can be displayed. now i’m not sure if i’m better off trying to get the screen replaced (which i doubt) or just biting the bullet and replacing the whole damn thing.
i’ve got too much on my mind right now and this is just not what i want to be thinking about. it serves me right for my haste, but jeez! can’t i get a break around here?
anyone ever had any luck with powerbook repairs? something tells me that the cost would be prohibitive.
semi-annoying: my pc has landed on some website blasting music…