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  • Long time no LJ

    I think my paid membership at LiveJournal may have lapsed, taking away some of the RSS features I was using to stay in touch with my old small friends community. I’d still like to port my LJ entries over to X-POLLEN or into some yet undetermined system like textpattern of ftrain. Need to simplify.

  • Paid LJ users can add my new blog as a friend

    markpasc set up a RSS channel at that will mirror all my posts to my new blog. Now I just need to add the RSS feed for my friends page (if it exists) to my Radio Userland aggregator and I will continue to have the same circle of friends in my new technological wrapper.…

  • Lost our lease

    I’m afraid LiveJournal friends, that I’ll be vacating this little corner bodega sometime soon, having relocated the locus of my personal blogging to a MovableType-powered blog called X-POLLEN. I will try to do a number of things: Import all my bodega entries into x-pollen (then i may go back and import still breathing and breathing…

  • It's Otis! He looooves us!

    White liberal guilt has never been so deliciously skewered. (via MZ)

  • veriSign / netsol evil

    this new two-tiered password scheme of netsol’s, surely it is designed primarily to once again entangle passive Internet domain holders into staying with verisign out of inertia or, short of that, stuck like flypaper to the new authentication scheme until the inevitable renewal deadline passes. what is the easiest way to get all of my…

  • Question I just overheard me ask myself

    “Where is my not-bag not-going?”