Backyard bloggy queue

Taking a tip from of my clients, I moved my airport base station to the basement today.
My network is funny: I have a long long ethernet cord running down the laundry chute to the basement where my second hub was set up, up to now just to provide access for the old Pentium Pro down there that used to power my office when I worked in downtown Oakland.
In fact, the basement is still overcrowded with surplus computer desks, books, boxes, files, and equipment—overdue for an overhaul.
So that hub has many open ports. I brought the Airport base station down, plugged it into the powerstrip, attached it to the hub, and voila!
Upstairs the signal was just as good as it ever was from across my office. We’ll need to test other places around the house to be sure, like that guy in the cellphone ad.
But out in the backyard the signal is totally adequate now (About 50–60% right now from where I’m sitting, when it was zilch before). I’m sitting here on the deck in the shade, posting to my blog from outside. I can do my work here. I can connect to the Net. All I need now is a spare set of speakers.