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  • So… this happened

    So… this happened

    Like an aging AAA slugger called up to the majors, like a prep-school outsider starting college, like a choreographer with bad knees getting access to the biggest stage, I find myself leading the product management chapter at 18F as it celebrates its tenth anniversary. 18F is a consulting entity in TTS (Technology Transformation Services) in…

  • ODI, ride or die

    ODI, ride or die

    This past Friday I finished my last day on easily the greatest job I’ve had so far in my long, strange and oftentimes charmed career. I started at ODI, initially as a contractor, when it was still called the Office of Digital Innovation. I joined the team working on California’s statewide Covid site ( as…

  • Swim-two-birds logo ideas

    Swim-two-birds logo ideas

    As part of my songwriting trip I established a music publishing company for publishing my songs and managing that side of their rights (I also signed up with BMI for the songwriter side of the equation, and included my alias, Crispy Bacon). The company is called At Swim-Two-Birds Music in full but generally I just…

  • You’ll know when

    You’ll know when

    This whole album project evolved somewhat naturally from my ongoing songwriting efforts. As far as I can tell, writing songs is the best writing medium for me. I’ve written short stories, novels, poetry, and plays, and in each case I feel that I was able to carve out something worthwhile from time to time, but…

  • A.I. Green sings

    A.I. Green sings

    Fatal error, my core can’t detect / Discarding sectors of uncertain prospect

  • It’s possible

    It’s possible

    I’m sorry,