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  • A.I. Green sings

    A.I. Green sings

    Fatal error, my core can’t detect / Discarding sectors of uncertain prospect

  • It’s possible

    It’s possible

    I’m sorry,

  • Trust the wooosh

    Trust the wooosh

    Not sure why but I still seem to have beginner’s mind when it comes to writing songs and even having a set of ten that I feel are ready for my first album has not shut down the ongoing process of discovering and writing songs, with this newest work in progress coming over the weekend:

  • I sing a song of today

    I sing a song of today

    do, pay, get, call, taxes, upkeep, get, music, make

  • Miracle teeth

    Miracle teeth

    Dentists all over the world have gone mad after a woman in [ussstate] posted a shocking video in which. . .  She mixes coconut oil and THIS mineral to quickly fix her cavities The video went viral and millions of people have already tried the trick and enjoyed the extraordinary results.

  • Grrr

    I plan to strip down and rebuild this blog (gradually, over time) but it’s still annoying that something I did with a new summary page template messed up the basic typeface of the place!