Beck with Flaming Lips tonight on Conan

My old buddy JG turned me on to Flaming Lips (finally) and when they added a second Beck opened for and backed by the Lips show, we got tickets, so I’m psyched about that. Yoshimi reminds me a little of OK Computer, but it’s hugely catchy and grooving. I can’t remember the last time I liked a new record so much.
Anyway, Jeff tells me Beck will appear with Flaming Lips on the Conan O’Brien show tonight (from the Flaming Lips mailing list, apparently):

Catch the Flaming Lips and Beck tonight, Tuesday October 29th, as they perform together on NBC’s “Late Night With Conan O’Brien.” Then, the Lips will return to Conan’s studio on Thursday, October 31st, to perform on their own. Conan starts his show at 12:35am, so make sure to record the appearances if that’s too late for your blood.