Let's put that 'Leftists have no sense of humor' meme to rest, shall we?

from MZ:
Actual slogans seen at the SF peace march on Sunday:

Stop Our Crazed Government.
Take Back Our USA.
PEACE: Live In It Or Rest In It
Oregonians for Sanity
Bush: Inspect Yourself!
War Is So Last Century
Blow It Out Your Ass, Bush
No War Go Giants

and from dac:
some more, from both SF and D.C.

Blondes for peace — it’s a no-brainer
If the answer is war, the question must be fucking stupid
NRA Members say no to war (D.C.)
Nudism Not War (topless woman in SF)
Regime Change Begins At Home
Paul was right

in Germany last year:

Pretzels Not Bombs

Salt Lake City:

“mormons for peace”