Believe it or not

I just burned my first music cd ever. With many technological advances I am the consummate late adopter. I like to let other people beta test the new techne at premium rates and jump in when the thing has proven itself and become consumer-easy. I waited till I bought a computer that could burn cd’s with a single click.
Using iTunes it was easy to come up with a 79-minute mix, and after ten minutes, the new platter was burned. It took me almost that long to write out the 22-song list longhand. Playing the cd in my stereo was/is a thrill (I’m on track 8 of the live playback — everything sounds fine.)
I used to make cassette mixes all the time, several a year at least, but it’s been quite a few years now since my last one, and I buy a lot less new music.
Here’s the setlist:
first mix (4 moo)
1. And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles)
2. Downtown Train (Tom Waits)
3. From Me to You (Persuasions)
4. Here Comes Your Man (Pixies)
5. Kidney in a Cooler (Keller Williams)
6. Last Girl on Earth (Supreme Beings of Leisure)
7. Nitemare Hippy Girl (Beck)
8. O Death (Camper Van Beethoven)
9. Play with Fire (Rolling Stones)
10. Psychedelic Baby (Dudley Moore)
11. Rehab (Stew)
12. Rigor Mortis (Meters)
13. Ruben Remus (Bob Dylan & the Band)
14. She’s Too Much for My Mirror (Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band)
15. Stereo (Pavement)
16. The Only Minority (Minutemen)
17. They Love Each Other (Jerry Garcia Band)
18. Tropicalia (Beck)
19. Venus de Milo (Television)
20. Waste (Phish)
21. When We Collide (k.d. lang)
22. Wild Horses (Old & in the Way)