Believe it or not

0d my first music CD ever. With many technological advances I am the consummate late adopter. I like to let other people beta test the new techne at premium rates and jump in when the thing has proven itself and become consumer-easy. I waited till I bought a computer that could burn CDs with a single click.

Using iTunes it was easy to come up with a 79-minute mix, and after ten minutes, the new platter was burned. It took me almost that long to write out the 22-song list longhand. Playing the cd in my stereo was/is a thrill (I’m on track 8 of the live playback — everything sounds fine.)

I used to make cassette mixes all the time, several a year at least, but it’s been quite a few years now since my last one, and I buy a lot less new music.

Post with track listing.