Blogger hacked!

The BloggerDev mailing list is abuzz this morning with people complaining that their settings have been switched around by someone using the monicker hax0redbyme.
The first symptoms showed up when users tried to manipulate their blogs and found their view site link within the Blogger application redirected to
A list member checked the team listings for one his blogs and found that most of the team member entries had been changed.
Requests for passwords generated the message “”Password request sent to hax0redbyme! You should receive the email
Some are concerned that the Blog This! bookmarklet has been insecure (though I can’t see how it’s any different from any other process that may or may not cache your login information wth a cookie). And others are thinking beyond the potential loss of data into the question of whether the hacker has now gathered FTP login information or other info on the many thousands of active Blogger accounts.
News when it happens.