"Blogging will be light"

I’ve started working on a still-under-wraps project this week and for the next month or three I will be a lot busier. I expect therefore to have less time for blogging, here, at RFB, and elsewhere. I imagine I’ll still post nearly daily at least somewhere, but not necessarily here (I’m working on a tool that will aggregrate anything I post into a one-stop-shopping page, but it’s not there yet), but I make no promises, as work comes first.
There’s always procrastination, and on any given day if I get my quota of work done, I may be eager to post to a blog. In the course of my workday as well if I encounter interesting stuff I’ll probably stow it for blogging later, although that goes against much of what makes me like the weblog form so much: the immediacy, the capture, the end to stockpiling.