But Enough about Weblogs…

…let’s talk about me. Seems they showed a rerun on TSS yesterday and the old basement set is torn down but the new space-age set isn’t ready yet, so we did the taping on the borrowed set of Call for Help, after hanging out in a teeny temporary green room with two guys from Diamond Rio, a Nashville country band (very cool guys: they debated Mac vs. PC on the show and are holding a contest to animate their song Rural Philharmonic from their new album Completely) who told me how an MP3 player of the same name has been a thorn in their side.
I think it went well. My rapport with Leo gets better from familiarity and small talk. He always adds interesting insights as well, bringing in the idea of bulletin board templates as analogous to blog templates and equally suited for tweaking in Dreamweaver or BB Edit or HomeSite or whatever.
Don’t know how much blogging I’ll do today. I have a lot of phone calls to make, groceries to shop for, bills to pay, packing to do before my trip to New York tomorrow. I’ll be there a week, probably dependent on cybercafé for my blogging fix, so I would expect frequency of posting to slow down here. (Even moreso if I get a possible book project going within the next few weeks.) I’m returning on September 11.