Catch Michael Jackson's kids…. MadBlast

Catch Michael Jackson’s kids…. MadBlast – Catch Michael Jackson’s Kids!…






7 responses to “Catch Michael Jackson's kids…. MadBlast”

  1. gillian murray Avatar
    gillian murray

    hi, I thought that this game was relly crap and should not be on the computer

  2. rita etchu Avatar

    You people should stop hateing on him. just because all this families dont like that doesn’t mean you should send him in jail forever. michael jackson is a sucessful person. so those families out there who turn to hurting but step back. because this is a lawsuit you are bringing to yourself. Just because he took those kids to the room doesn’t mean he slept with them. he probably put them to tuck them in to bed. and then he fell asleep on the side. so people who hate him, that is not the right to do it. and people who are trying to take his kids, should give them to his family. his parents and sisters and brothers are still alive. jackson if you ever read this tell your family to take custody of the children, okay not somebody outside the family. from your best fan since i started hearing your music. Good luck.

  3. sweetpi Avatar

    Who ever thinks that michael jackson is a good man then you can screw yourself. there is no reason at all that someone should put a baby over a railing out of reach if you accidently drop it. it is stupid how he’s been acting and he should be punished and put in jail for a long long time. and his family doesn’t believe him but he really did do this and really should be punished.?!!!!

  4. mjpysco Avatar

    how can people be soo cruel to a person that they dont even know. you guys are so closed minded. you need to face reality and look at life at another perspective. instead of trying to ruin someone elses lfe. and you know that you are wrong and god will punish you for judging other people in the way that you do.just f* off of him and get a damn life.

  5. heather Avatar

    ppl who write shit bout michael are just loosers who neva had any friends and are tryin to be somebody. that women tryin to take his kids need to be slapped and if i eva saw her i’d hit her myself. i can’t stand that bitch and michael is innocent and ppl dat don’t believe dat are stupid and need to f*** they self dats judgin him when all he want to do is help so get a life ppl and stop tryin to ruin michaels!!!!!!!

  6. Peter Silver Avatar
    Peter Silver

    Once a perv…always a perv, the last time it cost him $20million to make it go away, most perverts would have learned their lesson from that, what does he think? just because he is starting to look like Joan Crawford on a bad day that it’s ok to sleep with young boys? They used to string people up for less!
    If he does go to jail I wonder how long it will be before someone treats him the same way.

  7. jamie Avatar

    i bet all the ppl the like micheal are gettin payed to say that shi i bt u ppl who like him got raped by him n thought i was good