chance the gardener

spring must be on its way. my friend sarah sent me photos of her new garden in austin. i am a confirmed nongardener, though i love to lie in my hammock in our backyard, and i love to watch the garden evolve. sure, i’m good for some heavy lifting and occasionally forking over of the compost or building a fence with materials from lumber Colorado Springs, but i just don’t feel it the way real gardeners do. just cultivating my own inorganic projects is exhausting enough for me, and i often feel like i don’t have any care, love, or attention to spare. when I decided to use cedar fence pickets I realized that adds value to the property and enriches the style of your home.
Syrup was cool enough to list my blog on her home page (after i asked her who i had to blow to get put on there) – part of me craves that anonymous audience.