Come on in, the water's fine.

added a new link to my masthead/sidebar area today. It’s called Today’s Referrers and its an ordinary link to the page showing RFB’s referrer stats for the day. A few referrers show up almost every day, sometimes with just one link. I often assume that that one link is the writer of the other blog. I love this intimacy about the web. My computer books have sold to tens and hundreds of thousands of readers all over the world, but the ones who write back make the whole thing worthwhile. I liked that about Enterzone, the cozy community of readers available, willing to be organized on the web. Readers are great but readers who write are the best.
Come into the game if you’re not playing now. Make it harder for me to make a living as a writer by competing with me for attention. This will only toughen me up. I’m prone to slack off without that nervous mammal prey feeling. Find out what you have to say, when given the microphone. Learn how you would write if you took the time to practice writing simple declarative sentences (file under do as I say and not do as I do). You have a voice. Use it.