Content Networking

When I get a moment I’d like to discuss the issue of collaboration, whether through team posting as Blogger permits or through collaborative weblogs such as Metafilter, Slashdot, and Plastic. (It amused me that some of the Slashdot folks object to the popularity of blogging without realizing that their own home site is considered by many to be a community weblog.)
In the meantime, here’s a MeFi post that links to an interesting content-linking experiment:

posted by nomisxid August 1 1:40 PM. is now online. Endquote first came up with a concept for automating self-linking within his own blog. Now he’s expanded the idea so that you can build a network of content-driven-sites that auto-link their content with your own. The niftiest part, to me, is his new link pop-up menus, so that one word can link to articles from multiple sites. [MetaFilter]