Count me in!

I so want to do this Weblogs in Meatspace conference I can taste it. I want to attend. I want to help make it happen. Where do I sign up?
From DaveNet:

Your schedule is on the Web. You implement policies. Can anyone make an appointment with you? Block out times you don’t want to meet with anyone, or where you have set up meetings with other bloggers. Make sure to leave some time for sleeping. Sign up for dinners and lunches…. Everyone who attends or speaks must have a weblog. No exceptions. So if Jimmy Carter wants to come and tell us what it’s like to win the Nobel Peace Prize, he must first tell us on the Web…. “normal” sessions, howtos for bloggers, panels for big issues, keynotes from megabloggers, and A-teamers. Awards. A technology track for developers. Perhaps even a session for people with products they want to promote through our blogs (a chance to pick up some cool new toys for free)…. The conference would be cheap. Bloggers don’t have much money. No sponsorship, at least not in year one…. Anyway, I would love to go to this conference.

To quote a famous anonymous Usenet poster: “Me too!”