Cultivate Interactive Issue 5: A Vision of Improvements

Onward toward the semantic web! Here’s an article proposing methods to make the Web more structured and more personalized. Any article that includes the concept of meta-meta-services is all right by me, even when the author’s first name isn’t Christian.
Here’s the tip of the iceberg:

  1. Users (other than the author) and groups of users must be able to create and manage their own sets of metadata and structures for their specific purposes.
  2. This implicitly requires that metadata must be manageable in a distributed environment (independent of the related document).
  3. Different sets of Quality metadata — dependent on the special needs — must be provided for the users.
  4. Existing geographical distributed metadata (services) must be easy detectable and selectable by the users. Both requirements are only partially fulfilled at the time of writing.
  5. A variety of pre-existing and new services have to be manageable to meet users needs. A proper framework has to provide mechanism to also integrate commercial services. That means that a kind of micro payment has been taken into account.