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  • Certification of live birth

    Turns out I was born in Kenya too!

  • The twelve-month review

    Levi Asher tagged me with a meme, according to which I am to list the first sentence of the first post of each month for the past year. I’m game: * January: “The talented Lisa Williams has launched Placeblogger” (Local blogging gets a site) * February: “Grab your preferred username at Useless Account before someone…

  • Calendar made of people

    The big version of the human calendar is amazing! The portable version is kind of cool too. From Craig Griffen, who also brought you the human clock.

  • Ambient info edu revolution

    Michael Wesch, who created the virally popular internet video called Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us (its success drew on a sort of meta-application of the very concepts it discussed), was the keynote speaker at IDEA 2007 last week. As part of his keynote, he previewed two videos he has now released to the…

  • RE: Join my network on LinkedIn

    This is a quandary for me….

  • In the year 2000

    Friends and cow-orkers alike have heard me make the now clichéd quip about being disappointed not to have a jetpack yet, living as we do in the year 2000. Jetpack has in fact become a sort of shorthand for some awesome feature that probably won’t get included in a final design. I still remember some…