Diaries, Bookmarks, and Everything Inbetween

Reading Chaords Everywhere I Look I was prompted to jot this info down about the types of blogs in the blogosphere:

There is a range of weblog types, from the personal journal at one end of the spectrum to the annotated set of links at the other. Somewhere in the middle is the new pundit/commentator type blog that is merging with the professional-journalist-moonlighting and edited-blog-at-an-online-‘zine models. It is a spectrum, though, not a polarity, and every version of the mix seems to be out there. My first regularly-updated personal site was a pure personal blog designed as a place for me to quiet down and write my thoughts every day, a way to keep my writing chops fresh. It was called breathing room and it rarely contained any links at all. What linking I did was based on the usual web hypertext possibilities and it was never intended as an annotated bookmark site. But this was back in 1998 and the idea has since evolved rapidly, helped along by the various tools that help automate the updating of a log site. Ramble on.