Drop by my Well interview before it's over

We’ve covered a pretty good range of topics in my interview in the Well’s Inkwell conference that started last week:

  • What do web-design tools gain us and lose us?
  • The differences between launching a site and maintaining one
  • The role of auteurs vs. multidisciplinary teams in web development
  • Upgrading to Dreamweaver MX
  • Dynamic web-app development for designers
  • Migrating from Frontpage to Dreamweaver
  • Form building
  • Database development
  • The benefits of building a website to promote a book (or other project)

The interview is open to all. Well members can just drop by the conference. Others can submit questions to the Inkwell hosts’ mail address.
I’m a few questions behind there, which I’ll try to answer now. Since last week had a big holiday, I’m hoping we can continue the interview a little ways into next week to balance that out.