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  • Perpetual Prototype

    Perpetual Prototype

    Neil MacDonald reviews Designing Social Interfaces at his site Perpetual Prototype: An Information Architecture Blog, writing If you are considering designing a site with social features, this book is a must read.

  • MT3 Bible available!

    Rogers Cadenhead’s portable, affordable Movable Type 3 Bible Desktop Edition is now available from Wiley. I’d love to get my greasy little fingers on a copy of this book!

  • Blogging my book

    I can finally talk a little more about my current writing project, by far the most fascinating book I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. The working title is The Power of Many and it’s about – broadly speaking (my publisher doesn’t want me to be too specific yet) – people networks with digital…

  • The Julie/Julia book

    Add The Julie Powell to the list (along with Salam Pax) of bloggers whose weblogs have landed them sweet book deals. Congratulations to Julie for conceiving of her brilliant project and then – most importantly – executing it. So now, is the book going to just be a slightly edited rendition of the yearlong cooking…

  • Radio silence at

    Continued technical difficulties at the Dreamweaver Savvy website (problems with Radio, the CMS I’m currently driving new home page updates) have caused me to temporarily roll back the home page to the old, ugly design, so at least there will be something there for visitors. Next I may have to manually ftp the new blog-based…

  • Fixing the Savvy homepage

    The last time the hackers came through they replaced a lot of the index pages of a lot of my sites. After we wiped my server and started over from scratch with a more robust security regime, I still had to replace the missing pages. Most of them were backed up on my production Mac…