Finally getting around to learning Radio's outliner

I’ve never been that happy with my blogrolls. The service is easy enough. Too easy, in a sense, in that it’s undermined my motivation to learn more about the best ways to present links and directory information in this weblog context.
Also, it relies on Javascript, which makes the links invisible to some crawlers (such as that used by last time I checked).
So I finally started reading up on Radio’s outliner feature, and found Jake Savin’s How to create a blogroll with Radio’s outliner tutorial to be succinct and easy to follow.
If all goes well, my “test.opml” blogroll file should show up near the bottom of my sidebar masthead column.
I’ve also finally downloaded and installed activeRenderer. That was also ridiculously easy. So I’ll see about rendering my links that way (as a collapsible outline).
My next steps include will be to convert my blogrolls to OPML, playing around with activeRenderer, importing some of my ancient bookmarks, and making my blogroll.opml file findable to crawlers with the proper LINK syntax in the HEAD of my template.
I forget what it is, but I know I bookmarked it somewhere.