First time at PacBell Park

Saw the Giants paste the Padres last night with an old friend who happened to be visiting from San Diego. My first time in the new stadium. Pretty cool. It would be even better for a day game, I’m sure.
One odd thing is the rule against going back into your seat while a batter is up. There is a little petty tyrant at the top of the steps with a little sign who holds you up (but, of course, lets the vendors pass) till the batter gets on base or gets put out, even if there’s a conference on the mound and the (way too loud) PA is playing the theme from Three’s Company.
The architecture is half the fun. Very open-air, with a promenade overlooking China Basin (I think, or is it McCovey Cove?), and thematic activities for the kiddies. The food was so-so but more varied than in the old days. Apparently there’s an exclusive club level with even more elite food.
I’d go again but, like I said, next time during the day to avoid the falling damps.