First time using Radio Userland

How do I make titles for my blog posts? [Asked and answered, thanks.] OK, why am I starting another blog? My first weblog was breathing room started in 19987 when I was burning out after four years of trying to manage a collaborative noncommercial webzine (Enterzone), and it was all BB Edit and FTP and baling wire. Since then I’ve experimented with Pitas, Diaryland, Blogger, LiveJournal, and MovableType. I need to consolidate! I’m looking for a way to post to a single blog and use categories, syndicated feeds, and selective filtering to supply fresh content to variously branded websites I have some hand in.
Lately, I’ve mainly been posting to my bodega at LiveJournal. The Blogger server upgrade has knocked out some template features for a few of my topical blogs (fireweaver for Dreamweaver and Fireworks users, Uncle John’s Blog for Dead Heads, and Junk Mail for media junkies) and I may just move them over to MovableType now that some spring cleaning is called for.
I heard about this experiment over on The WeLL and I applaud it, though I despair of the proliferation of formats and methods, worry about balkanization, and still dream of a streamlined, flexible personal expression platform.

UPDATE: Corrected the start date of Breathing Room from 1998 to 1997 (on closer inspection). [2003-07-25 11:33:44]