Half-Baked Political Stuff

global struggle between three systems:
violent, extreme, corrupt socialism to the left
violent, extreme, corrupt nationalism to the right
liberal democracy/republic/oligarchy in the middle
we teamed up with the soviets and beat the nazis, so then it was
global struggle between two systems
free-enterprise representative
command-economy dictatorship
but we kind of edged to the right as we polarized against the evil soviets, and so we actually supported some command-economy dictatorships in the interest of coalition and stability. now that the soviets cried uncle, we are in a new phase.
libertarian monocultural empire
and now we’re teetering, adopting once again some of the traits of our enemies*, while still representing about the best option available (especially if we factor in some aspects of europe as our “system”) where was i going with this?
* “The meter reader is supposed to SPY on me to find out if I’m a terrorist? If the whole country is going to play ‘Behind the Iron Curtain,’ there better be some fine fucking state-subsidized alcohol! And our power-lifting team better kick ass!”
–the inimitable get your war on